My name is Daniel Zimmerman. I was born on Febuary the 17th, 1984 in Velsen. Ever since I was a child I was fascinated by the guitar. Styles that were appealing to me were Rock at first but later on I started to enjoy a lot of different musical styles as well such as Blues, Funk, Jazz, Soul, R&B, Country and others.

I remember that I was around 9 years old when I started playing guitar but I started to become more serious when I was 19. At some point I wanted to study music theory and did so at Shumann academy and Globe music school.

I started teaching guitar at 2007 with pleasure. I had a lot of jobs in the past and I hated most of them. Teaching guitar has truly been a pleasure. Nowadays, I teach for a foundation. Our goal is to provide guitar lessons all over the world either by offering our courses or teach locally in The Hague. Stay tuned for our courses provided on Udemy.

Apart from teaching I play in a soul and R&B band. Perhaps I will see you in one of our gigs? Cheers!